National Geographic Magazine, March 1980, “Journey to China’s Far West”

Photo: Bruce Dale

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The Throne Room by APH Pixels on Flickr.

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West side over the nip

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Skelet, Trignac France.

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Pine Marten (by PCinGO)

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Night Of Uninterrupted Deep Sleep Really Throws Man’s Day Off

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"Haven from brigands and the siren world, the monasteries of Meteora in central Greece still uphold the Orthodox tradition of monasticism, once the chaste soul of a gilded Byzantium."

National Geographic Magazine, December 1983, “Byzantine Empire”

Photo: James L. Stanfield

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Sick day.

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Is it Halloween yet?

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Josef Hoflehner

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Strategic hide-and-seek has a new player, the secret Stealth. Painting depicts what such a U.S. bomber/reconnaissance aircraft could look like, based on well-known principles as interpreted by expert Richard Hallion.”

National Geographic Magazine, January 1981, “They’re Redesigning the Airplane”

Artist: William H. Bond

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got wrench

Cacia Zoo by Ifp photography

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