We put our little dude to sleep today.

Rocko was nearing 14 years old (we think?), so he’d had a pretty good run, but with a sudden appearance of nerve damage (affecting his legs) added to his other conditions (congestive heart failure & severe arthritis in his knees) he was in really rough shape. We’re both feeling pretty sad today but we know this was the best choice for him.

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It wasn’t meant to end like this, Nicola Samorì

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"Better for straw than hay, low-nutrient bozaka grass, which blankets much of central Madagascar, is carried home to make hats by a woman of the village of Andranomadio."

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Landscape with The Temptation of Saint Anthony - Lorrain (1638)

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Hey, Adam Jones, you gonna pay for that?


Hey, Adam Jones, you gonna pay for that?

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So the vet gave us some painkillers for the cat. He was too panicked and in pain for an examination. We’re going to take him back in tomorrow so that he can get a light sedative and then be examined and x-rayed. After we drugged him he seemed pretty sleepy… and then peed all over himself while sleeping. So now he’s angry and drowsy and it might be a really fun* night.

*not actually fun

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::hugs the entire black community::

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Cat woke from his nap and his leg does *not* look good. He’s in a lot of pain; I think he may have displaced it from the hip joint? We’ve got an appointment with our vet in two hours. :-/

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"Ethereal visitor seems to vanish in Pier Cloutier’s ‘La Dame Blanche’, a wood-carving depiction of a magical lady who helped a poor family in French-Canadian legend. Cloutier lives and works in St.-Jean-Port-Joli, long a center for wood sculptors and now site of a school that teaches the craft to apprentices."

National Geographic Magazine, May 1980, “The St. Lawrence: Canada’s Highway to the Sea”

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Gustave Dore, illustrator/engraver working in woodcuts; super hot and creator of the definitive visual language for Paradise Lost, The Divine Comedy and Don Quixote.

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Done by Dan Fletcher.


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Tattoo by Thomas Sinnamond - Seattle USA



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